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Literary Souls Trade Policy

The following guidelines will help you understand our trade program:

If you are bringing in books for trade credit, we request that you bring ONLY 1 plastic or paper bag (approximately 20 books) or 2 bags of puzzles. No boxes please, unless you call ahead of time ahead of time to alert of a drop of time and quantity.  We do not accept books in garbage bags.   We receive books from customers daily so this allows us to process them in a timely manner.  Be prepared to take back any books that we do not accept. We do not offer a book discard service.

Trade credit may be used to pay for one-half (1/2) of your used book purchase. The other half (1/2) of the used book purchase price may be paid in cash or credit credit. Trade credit may not be used towards any book marked “CASH ONLY”, or any other items other than used books/puzzles/books on tape. Credit accounts may not be “cashed out” at any time, and will expire after two (2) years of inactivity.  We will keep a record in the store of your credit and transactions.

As of October 1, 2011, we we no longer accept incoming books the last full week of the month (the last week with 7 days in it).  This is to allow us to get caught up on previous incoming inventory.  Feel free to come in and use any previous credit you have available. 

If you are new or have no credit, please limit the books you bring in this week to 1 bag or approximately 20 books.

No Book Week Dates:

March 26, 2024 -- March 30, 2024

April 23, 2024 -- April 27, 2024

May 21, 2024 -- May 25, 2024

June 25, 2024 -- June 29, 2024

CONDITION – Please bring in only books that are in clean, readable condition with covers and spines intact. Books should not smell of cigarette smoke. Heavy underlining/highlighting is not acceptable. Moldy or torn books, spiders, bugs, pet hair and dirt are not very inviting, and we ask that you sort these out before bringing them in.  If left at our store, these books will be automatically donated to the recycling bin. 

A good rule of thumb:  don’t bring us books you wouldn’t want to buy.

We issue trade credit based on the current demand, book condition, age of book,
and store inventory of a book.  Books that are in clean, readable condition with covers and spines intact, and without any markdown stickers from WalMart, Kmart, etc. will receive 25% of the original price of the book as trade credit. 
Generally we offer half of what we sell the book for as store trade credit. Books with yard sale or thrift store stickers, prices or markings will be credited $.25-$1.00 depending on condition, etc.

Trade paperbacks will be given trade credit based on demand, condition, etc.  Typically, you will receive approximately $1-$4 for trade paperbacks.

We give $2-$3.50 trade credit for hardcover fiction books unless released in the last 6 months.

We will give trade credit of $1.00 for book club edition books.

$.25 trade credit unless more than a year old then $.10 trade credit each

We will not accept any harlequins that are older than 5 years.


When you bring books to us we will give you store trade credit for them based on:

Current Demand
Book Condition
Current Inventory

Lowest price marked (if they have markdown stickers from WalMart, Target, Costco, etc this will be the price we give a percentage of.  If books have yard sale or thrift store stickers or markings you will get a percentage of that price.) 

Generally we offer half of what we sell the book for newer books in great condition and $.25-$1.50 for others depending on the above.  We have a liberal acceptance policy.

 Trade credit may be used for 50% of each purchase.  The other 50% can be paid by cash or credit card.

For example:
If your trade credit balance is $20 and your purchase is $10 you may use $5 of your credit with the remaining $5 to be paid by cash or credit card which will leave you a credit balance of $15.

 Think of your trade credit like a perpetual 50% off coupon which you can use until you run out of trade credit.